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The Art Of Emergency Locksmith Services

24 Locksmith San Diego is the leading provider of fast, affordable emergency locksmith services in the city and surrounding areas.

If you need help from a locksmith and have no time to waste, look no further than 24 San Diego. We use an innovative system to ensure immediate response to all customers, and our team of locksmiths are expert professionals working with cutting-edge equipment. We’re fully mobile, so we can come to you wherever you are. You can trust 24 San Diego to solve any problem with your locks and keys.

Why call an emergency locksmith?

The most common reason for calling in emergency locksmith in San Diego is lock-out. People get locked out of their homes, cars and offices for all sorts of reasons. Keys can get lost, stolen or broken, or left inside wherever you’re trying to get into. Whatever the cause, it’s a frustrating problem that can eat up hours of your time – unless you call a good locksmith right away! When locked out, people often try to get back in on their own, but amateur solutions usually just cause more trouble. Never try to break a door or window to get back inside!

Not only might you injure yourself, you’ll cause damage that will be more expensive than just hiring a locksmith. Also, don’t leave a key in an obvious place like under a doormat or fake rock. It may make it easy for you to get in, but then it’s easy for burglars too. Other problems might call for an emergency locksmith. If you’ve suffered a burglary, you’ll need your locks repaired or replaced immediately. Your locks themselves might break, or the locking system in your car could malfunction. Our emergency locksmiths are capable of easily solving all these problems and more.

What can emergency locksmiths do?

Emergency locksmiths use many different tools and techniques to assist people in need. Locksmiths who specialize in emergency locksmith services are experts in working fast. They can assess a situation and figure out solutions on the spot, even in the dark! In lock-out cases, locksmiths can often pick the lock without causing any damage. If the lock can’t be picked, they might try drilling it open.

Car doors take a different approach, especially modern cars with complicated electronic locking systems. Our locksmiths will get them open using an air wedge and long reach tool. The locksmiths at 24 San Diego are ready to help with other problems too.

They can repair locks, and replace them immediately if needed. They can extract keys that have broken off inside the lock or car ignition. They also make copies of keys, if yours were lost or broken.

24 Locksmith approach for emergency locksmith situations

Here at 24 Locksmith San Diego, we take an innovative approach to locksmith emergencies. Our company’s mission is simple: to provide people with fast, affordable locksmith assistance whenever and wherever they need it.

Since our beginning in Boston, we’ve grown and expanded while sticking to our core values. Our customers appreciate it, and our success is proof!

We employ a network of mobile locksmiths who work out of vans stocked with high tech security equipment, basically locksmith shops on wheels. Using a unique system to match each client with the nearest expert technician, we can reach our customers faster than any other locksmith company in San Diego.

Our dispatchers answer all calls within seconds, day or night, and a locksmith will be on the job within 20 minutes, guaranteed. We pride ourselves on customer service, and when it comes to locks and keys, there’s no problem we can’t solve. We’re open 24/7 and ready to help!

Customer Reviews

The locksmith from 24 Locksmith knew a lot about home security systems and helped me find one that was perfect for my house. I feel much safer now!

Danielle T.

I was locked out of my car recently and 24 Locksmith sent a guy to me in less than forty minutes, even though it was rush hour. He was a great locksmith, really friendly too, and got me in without any trouble. Thanks!



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There is a $29 service fee for dispatching a tech.

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Lockout Service $49+ *
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* This cost is a minimum quote for the respective job. The total amount payable is $29 service plus labor + hardware (if apply). Please take into notice that phone quotes are approximate & based on clients explanation. Actual job may differ in reality.